R&B Blossoms with new hip-hop in the rear view | Editorial
This editorial has been produced due to my interest in music, especially regarding the R&B genre as well as Hip-Hop. Although the R&B genre has been around for decades, there is a strong connection between the two genres and there are new, young artists that have recently produced high quality music. I believe that these artists should be offered more recognition for their hard work. Therefore, this editorial piece offers the opportunity of gaining knowledge about them individually and find out various information about their career, such as the awards that they have won or any spectacular collaborations.
The shape of this editorial has been chosen intentionally and considering the theme, a correlation should be made between it and album covers. Besides this, the idea behind the design direction is similar to what has been previously mentioned and each page is meant to reflect each artist’s style which is very unique. Considering the fact that these genres have been out there for many years, certain elements have been applied in order to represent an older feel. At the same time, each page has its own style but these are all reflecting the modern times overall.