Fabled Studio is a famous company creating interior designs for some of the most exclusive bars, restaurants and hotels worlwide. 

Interior Architecture undergraduates have provided designs for a series of new luxury restaurants, this being in collaboration with Fabled. The branding and collateral materials must be designed, therefore this has been our assigned job as a Graphic Designer. The students from Interior Architecture have provided us with research which needs to be taken in consideration because it is related to what we have been assigned to do. Venezia Ristorante is an Italian restaurant which offers luxurious experiences. The decorative element from the logo represents the Italian ornaments and it has been added to all items to consider consistency. The typeface and layout used are simplistic because a luxurious aesthetic needed to be maintained. The typeface ts with the theme because of the decorative shapes that have been added to it which are rounded, the same as designs from the research. All designs are based on the initial research provided. The white space is a key element in these designs because this offers a professional and luxurious design. 

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